Accounting Supervision

Every business must prepare and keep accounting records as it is the most important component of their operations. Maintaining your accounts properly will help your business succeed in the long run.

The accounting supervision services we provide are effective, and we follow neutral criteria to keep everything up to date. We help businesses preserve the most recent financials in the most effective and efficient method possible by utilizing the most recent software and cloud platforms.

Since accounting is the most crucial aspect of any business’ operations, it must be set up and maintained. Long-term profitability for your company depends on maintaining your finances appropriately.


Accounting Supervision Services Include

  • Assisting with maintaining accounts for the Company
  • Installing a low-cost online or using existing offline accounting software and setting up the chart of accounts
  • Passing entries in the new software to ensure that the accounts are kept up to date.
  • Coaching the Company Accountant to record all expenses and sales in a proper accounting manner
  • Performing bank reconciliation on a monthly basis
  • Performing a quality check on vouchers and invoices
  • Ensuring that a proper audit trail of transactions is maintained
  • Scrutinizing generation Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement
  • Reviewing the accounting for any adjustment entries through Journal Vouchers
  • Publishing monthly financial statements and submitting these to the management
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  1. Aiding with the monthly maintenance of the company’s accounts
  2. Setting up a chart of accounts and installing low-cost online or utilizing existing offline accounting software
  3. Recording entries in the new software to keep the accounts up to date.
  4. Coaching the company accountant to ensure proper accounting practices are used for recording all expenses and sales.
  5. Conducting monthly bank reconciliation
  6. Conducting quality checks on vouchers and invoices
  7. Maintaining a proper audit trail of all transactions
  8. Scrutinizing the generation of profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
  9. Reviewing the accounting for any necessary adjustment entries via journal vouchers
  10. Compiling monthly financial statements and submitting them to management

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