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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management has gained substantial momentum because of the growing importance of solutions for compliance and regulatory norms. It has laid down the foundation of underprice risk management. It is a plan based business strategy aiming to identify, prepare, assess and analyse the dangerous hazards and any other potential disaster for both physical and symbolic that may interfere with an organisation’s operations and objectives.

At AKW consultants, we provide enterprise risk management solutions, manage risk, and ensure our clients the most comprehensive solution. ERM is an evolving management discipline that has changed along with the last decade’s corporate and regulatory landscape. ERM has yet to be defined, and its friendly companies can be found by searching dedicated ERM websites. At AKW consultant, we provide cloud-based software, which helps businesses identify and monitor financial, strategic and operational risk to assist and mitigate the impact of risk. We also provide IT risk management in the UAE. Five essential steps to manage risk are:

The first step is to identify the business’s risk in its operating environment. There are many various legal risks, environmental risks, market risks, regulatory risks, and much more. This approach’s advantage is that this risk is now visible to every stakeholder of the organisation with access to the system.

Once the risk has been identified, it needs to be analysed. It is crucial to determine the scope of the risk and understand the link between the risk and other factors within the organisation. At AKW Consultants, we provide enterprise risk management services in the UAE management solution, one of the essential steps to map the risk to various documents, procedures, and business processes.

After analysing the risk, it needs to be indexed and prioritised. We provide a risk management solution that has different categories of risk depending upon its severity. Those that can cause catastrophic loss are rated the highest. The inconvenience is ranked the lowest. Merely one of the highest-rated risks is enough for its attention to making immediate intervention.

Every risk which has been analysed needs to be eliminated as much as possible. is done by consulting with the field’s able specialists. A stakeholder meeting is conducted in which everyone gives their suggestions and discuss the issue, and all the relevant stakeholders are sent a notification from within the system. Also, everyone gets an update directly from within the risk management solution.

In an open environment, it is impossible to eliminate all the risk. Market risk and environmental risk are always present, and it needs consistent monitoring. Under the manual system, monitoring happens through diligent employees who provide risk management consulting services. These professionals ensure that they keep a keen watch on all risk factors; monitoring risk allows your business to ensure continuity and establish the system that could identify if it goes out of control.

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