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📧 info@akwconsultants.com   📞+971 54 582 1550

Whether you have recently started your business or operating it on a global level, AKW consultants can provide you with robust audits that have a decisive role in benefitting you beyond the traditional scope. With us, it will become easier for you to meet all your statutory obligations without any hassles. AKW consultants work wonders in conducting independent financial statement audits and help you get productive outcomes- irrespective of your business’ location and size. The best part about us, one of the most reputed financial statements audit in Dubai, is that we use cutting-edge methodology and experience to deal with any accounting issues you come across.

Following are the advantages of Audited Financial Statements:

An audited financial statement describes that its actual financial position is similar, as described in the accounting documents. If any errors have been recognised in the initial phase of the audit process, they can be correctively resolved to avoid any severe encumbrance. AKW consultants work upon the financial statement audit process to prevent any such issues.

    • Goodwill: It is well known that the audit brings out even the company’s smallest information, which acts as a great booster and creates ethical morale in stakeholders’ eyes. It will also serve as a great message to potential investors as the company has nothing to hide out, which will boost its goodwill.


    • Determination of total tax: Tax authorities are dependent upon the financial auditors. As assessed by the auditor, the profit is the final amount, and the tax is calculated upon the same. Financial statement audit services depict that the accurate accounting records of the transactions are made.


    • Obtaining loan: An audited and reviewed financial books describes an accurate and fair picture of the company’s financial position, allowing banks and other lending financial institutions to give out credit and loans for the purpose stated. A company needs to maintain the financial records of at least five previous years, and we provide the best audit report and maintain the financial books of the corresponding years.

    Why AKW Consultants?

    We provide professional and ethical services of a high standard and meet our clients’ requirements, but still, we are accessible and affordable to even our modest client. Our vast experience in audited financial statements UAE, accompanied by our global presence, will serve your company well.


    We provide tax, audit, and advisory services and serve our clients with integrity and excellence. We pride ourselves on being well versed with the latest regulations and compliances and our expertise in handling peculiar cases of all kinds in the past. We are continuously growing and evolving and ensuring that our strategies and systematic planning bring our associates’ the best possible outcomes. Our multidisciplinary professionals work day in and out to provide up with the financial service industry.