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Information Technology Consulting is becoming extremely relevant in the UAE, and it has become the focus of auditing. AKW Consultants is a pioneer in delivering information auditing services that come with a host of additional benefits.


As a result of information technology, people’s viewpoints have evolved. Any company, regardless of its size or sector, should conduct an audit of its IT infrastructure and security systems. Information system audits in the United Arab Emirates encourage openness and offer an overview of the organization’s present information system.


The components are assessed using industry standards and frameworks. With considerable experience performing information system audits in the UAE, AKW consultants has a strong team of IT audit professionals to respond to the changing requirements and rising expectations of businesses.


Our services assist external auditors, and internal audit is overseen by independent consultants to senior management. We operate in a wide range of sectors and on a wide range of platforms.


Our auditors have a deep awareness of risk and can assist you in improving the performance of your firm. We examine the risk and efficiency of your operations using third-party services. We can assist you in developing risk-mitigation plans.


Emerging technologies and shifting business models are pushing a transition in IT’s function, from supporting the company with technology to safeguarding and improving business value at a higher, more strategic level. Today, having strong IT procedures and practices is crucial for ensuring IT and business strategy alignment and driving excellence via IT infrastructure and the activities it supports.

                                                  Benefits of Information Technology Consulting in UAE


    Reduced risk – Information system audits in the UAE focus on the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of IT processes. By detecting and managing a number of risks, the audit improves reliability.

    Secure data – Once risks have been identified, the company is free to redesign or fortify the insecure design, resulting in secure data.

    System audit – An IT audit can inform you if you’re making the best use of your money. This guarantees that the system is efficient and meets all of its objectives.

    During an information system audit in the UAE, employees and the IT department must follow all corporate rules and regulations. This improves overall IT governance and management.

    AKW Consultants provides a lot of benefits while performing an information system audit in the UAE.



    >Increased company efficiency

    >Process control of the system

    >Disaster recovery and contingency planning

    >Data organization using a connected system


    AKW Consultants guarantee that the data provided by electronic systems is accurate and useful for decision-making.

     Information system audits in the UAE ensure that the IT system and environment are controlled and reliable.

    We have qualified personnel who do information system audits in order to decrease risk and discover appropriate risk management solutions. Safeguard your company’s critical data!

    Information Technology‚Äč Consulting
    IT Audit

    1. Network Architecture Review

    2. Mobile application security assessment

    3. Configuration Audit of Servers & Network Devices

    4. Scada security testing

    5. Formulation/Review of Security Policy

    Strategy and Governance

    1. Devise and Develop IT strategies

    2. Utilise information for improved decision making, assign Ownership & Accountability

    3. Product Evaluation, Projects Feasibility Study and Cost Benefit Analysis

    IT Architecture and Infrastructure

    1. Develop IT Architecture that improves business performance in terms of revenue, flexibility, and cost efficiency

    2. Address IT Architecture when there has been a trigger event such as a merger or acquisition, or when a core system needs replacing

    Risk Management and Compliance

    1. Design/implement Policies & procedures

    2. ISO 27001 Consulting & Implementation

    3. Security/Network Monitoring SOC/NOC

    4. SIEM Solutions, Event Log Management

    5. Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation

    6. Third Party/Vendor Security Assessment

    IT Operations Management

    1. Information security management system (ISMS), ISO 27001 consulting

    2. Business continuity and Disaster recovery, ISO 22301

    3. End Point Services and Patch Management (Operations, Implementation and Support)

    4. Access Reviews / ITSM / SDLC / Service Delivery / Change & Configuration Management

    Information Technology‚Äč Security
    Security Program Design & Implementation

    1. Design and implement security strategy program

    2. Provide security infrastructure and technology

    3. ISMS / Security Awareness Training

    Identity and Access Management

    1. Design policies and procedures to ensure that the right people have the right access at the right time

    2. Provide and implement IAM technology 

    Data Security

    1. Data Protection and Data leakage prevention strategy

    2. Design data governance framework

    3. Review and design Data classification and labelling policies

    Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

    1. Typical assessments include targets that consist of network devices, operating systems, desktop applications, databases, and Web applications

    2. Our penetration testing methodology is well aligned with established standards and practices and includes: 

      ~Web Application Security Testing

      ~Network Penetration Testing

      ~Risk-based Penetration Testing

    Assessment and Reviews

    1. Security Design and Architecture Reviews

    2. Servers & Network Configuration Reviews and Baseline (System Hardening & Fine Tuning)

    3. Wireless Security Scanning, Assessment and Architecture reviews

    4. Security Code Reviews of In-house developed and outsource Applications