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Legal Policies and Procedures detail, in a comprehensive manner are the appropriate actions, procedures and decisions that an organisation should adopt to tackle everyday tasks and specific circumstances that they may face during their operations. 

They form the constitution of an organisation and ensure that the perspectives of the governing body on all matters relating to the stakeholders are translated to desirable outcomes.

There are also Policies and Procedures in place to protect the health and safety of personnel within a company. These are required by law and aim to reduce the dangers to employees’ health and safety in any industry. 

In addition to HR Policies, our experts at AKW Consultants can assist your company in drafting post-COVID Friendly Safety Policies to ensure that employees, service providers, technicians, executive officers, engineers, and other parties associated with your company follow the company’s rules and responsibilities. This includes laws to ensure that the government-mandated spacing between employees is maintained, as well as other health precautions that must be followed.


    Gap Analysis

    Gap analysis review to identify weakness within Policies and Procedures


    Prepare policies and procedures by segment and function


    Assist with implementation of the policies and procedures