VAT Consultancy

As the market becomes more competitive, each company faces unique challenges. AKW Consultants, an experienced VAT consultant in Dubai, can address any VAT-related concerns within a reasonable timeframe due to their expertise and skills.
We stand out in this area by providing effective VAT assistance to our clients. Our team of professional VAT consultants not only informs clients about current and future issues but also assesses their needs and proposes suitable solutions.

  1. The implementation service includes half-day training for the accounting and tax staff at clients to familiarize them with the system and the aspects of the law
  2. VAT Health Check, Tax Due Diligence, and Tax Process Audits
  3. VAT Compliance: Preparation, Review, and Filing of Returns with the FTA
  4. Reclaiming VAT Refunds for UAE Companies and Individuals
  5. Tax De-Registration
  6. Assistance in Tax Audits
  7. Our well-versed and proficient specialists can help during tax audit announcements by addressing the FTA auditor’s queries, providing responses, attending meetings/calls, and ensuring no penalties and successful compliance.
  8. VAT Impact Assessment and Advisory
  9. Designing Standard Operating Procedures and Accounting System Review
  10. Filing Reconsiderations and Voluntary Disclosures with the FTA
  11. Filing voluntary disclosures if there was an incorrect filing done in the past

Professional support for your business

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