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Having a greater input VAT than output VAT on your tax returns makes you eligible to claim Value added tax refund of the extra amount you paid.

With the help of AKW consultants, you can do it without any hassles. You must be guessing the difference between input VAT and output VAT. Tax payable for products and services which a business or person buys is known as input VAT. Contrarily, output VAT is the tax that is collected when a person or a company sells an item.

What is the eligibility of obtaining VAT Refunds?

Since the time VAT was introduced in UAE, different reputed firms like AKW Consultants have been finding ways to help clients crack the VAT Refunds eligibility criteria. Here is a look at the criteria:

    Frequently Asked Question
    Would you be able to get a VAT refund after leaving UAE?

    Indeed, it would help if you left UAE to guarantee your VAT refund in Dubai. On the off chance that you cross the line, at that point you won’t be qualified: the things need to leave the region, not merely the country where you bought them, to consider a fare.

    Would I be able to get a VAT refund on online buys?

    Indeed, you can get a VAT tax refund in UAE in any event, for your online buys. Similar guidelines will be applied that will state that you should be a perpetual occupant in a non-EU country, and the sum you paid should be over the base endorsed by the nation of the online store.

    Would I be able to get a VAT refund on lodgings?

    In case you’re not a business voyager, no. Tank refund plans don’t have any significant bearing to inn stays because those are viewed as administrations devoured nearby instead of traded products.

    Organisations that regularly resort to business travel may present a VAT refund guarantee, yet this is the lone exemption.

    How does the VAT refund work?

    Most organisations that have more input VAT than output VAT qualify to apply for a refund. The first solicitations should be submitted with the case, including marked refund structures. The tax specialists will handle the case and award the refund.

    Why choose us for the tax refund?

    An essential driver of our prosperity is seeing each of our customers as associates and advising them customised methods. Tax VAT refund can be testing and requires a definite comprehension of the intricate cycles and prerequisites in every nation, just as a language capability. AKW Consultants’ team has the knowledge and skill to guarantee the quickest and most thorough VAT refund processing in the industry.