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From internal and external audits to IFRS advisory and implementation.

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Audit & Assurance

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Audit & Assurance is where transparency meets excellence. Our financial statement audit services guarantee the accuracy of your financial records, while internal audits keep your organisation in top form. IFRS implementation is another forte of ours, ensuring compliance with international accounting standards.

Internal Audit

• Understand the accounting procedures, internal controls and systems implemented by the management.

• Identify and suggest areas of improvements, risk areas and revenue leakages, profitability improvements, cost reduction and optimisation, working capital reduction etc.

• Reporting to management with suggestions on areas requiring improvement and on quality of internal controls.

External Audit

• Audit of financial statements prepared by management or other accountants to make sure accounts are free from and material mistakes/errors.

• Examination of the accounting policies and procedures followed while preparing accounts and whether they reflect true and fair view of the business.

• Preparation of audit reports and financial reports for reporting to external stakeholders and management.

IFRS Advisory Services

• Implementation of IFRS and providing solutions to accounting procedures and policies.

• Examine the books of accounts and if all applicable Accounting Standards and disclosure requirements are followed.

• Advise on transitional/adjustment entries, provisions etc. to be passed in books of accounts with proper disclosure in Financial Statements.

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