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Strategic Risk Management

Our risk management solutions are unrivalled. We excel in enterprise risk management, guiding you through the identification, assessment, and mitigation of factors that may affect your business success. Our prowess extends to critical domains such as fraud risk management, ensuring the safeguarding of your financial interests.

Risk Management

We encourage our clients to embrace a broader perspective of risk, keeping in view their strategic goals, vision, opportunities, objective, change management and internal controls so that it encompasses the broader business risks. Focusing on business risks from a broader perspective provides better insights into risk and its ramifications. Better insights should lead to better risk management, enhanced results, and fewer surprises, thereby enabling the organisation to stay ahead of the curve.

Credit Risk

  • PD & RAROC modelling
  • Stress Testing Framework
  • Model Validation
  • IRB Gap Assessment
  • Managing Concentration Risk
  • Retail Lending Scorecard Validation

Asset Liability Management & Liquidity Risk

  • Value at Risk (VaR) & Earnings at Risk (EaR)
  • Liquidity Gaps & Liquidity Contingency Scorecards
  • VaR – Historical & Monte Carlo
  • Interest Rate Gaps – RaR
  • Liquidity – Gaps, LCR & NCFR

Market & Operational Risk

  • Model Development & Validation
  • Internal Models Approach
  • Risk & Controls Assessment
  • Loss Data Collection


  • Impact Analysis, Implementation Strategy & Roadmap
  • Harmonising Liquidity Standards
  • Countering Pro-Cyclicality
  • Back Stop Measure Leverage Ratio
  • Enhancing Risk Coverage
  • Raising Quality of Capital Base
  • Conduct Gap Analysis
  • Map in Accordance with the Regulatory & Internal Best

Economic Capital Modelling

  • Economic Capital Framework
  • RORAC Framework


  • Development & Validation of Models
  • Internal Models Approach
  • Assessment of Risk & Controls
  • Collection of Loss Data

Enterprise Risk Management

Establish Risk Architecture

  • Determine risk appetite and risk tolerance
  • Define risk limits and identify risk buffer
  • Develop roles and responsibilities
  • Develop ERM objectives and KPIs
  • Ensure compliance with COSO, ISO and local standards

Risk Identification & Assessment

  • Review and streamline existing risk register
  • Identify and assess new risks if gaps are identified
  • Evaluate existing controls
  • Develop risk response strategies
  • Put in place tools to measure risks, such as liquidity risks through gaps, etc.

Develop Monitoring Framework

  • Design key risk indicators and loss ratio parameters
  • Design risk heat maps and set up limits for all key risks which can be monitored
  • Develop incident reporting framework
  • Develop QA and assessment framework


  • Develop reporting framework
  • Develop risk monitoring dashboard


  • Conduct awareness sessions and training to board members, executive management, and key stakeholders

Fraud Risk Management

Our Fraud Risk Management specialists help organisations build a sustainable fraud risk assessment process and develop robust anti-fraud programs and controls to ensure an effective internal control structure. The acts of frauds are on the rise and the heightened regulatory environment have led the C-suite management at organisations to understand the vulnerabilities to fraud and misconduct and to detect and prevent financial crime.


  • Conduct a controlled risk assessment to identify gaps areas vulnerable to fraud and misconduct
  • Develop Code of Conduct policies and standards
  • Developing and implementing anti-fraud controls
  • Communication and training


  • Whistle blowing policies and mechanisms
  • Continues monitoring process and audits
  • Forensic data analytics
  • Offshore Integrity review and audit


  • Conducting investigations
  • Crisis management and remedial action
  • Act as expert witness for dispute resolution

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