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Regulatory Compliance

Implementing robust anti-money laundering measures and conducting thorough client/supplier due diligence—our expertise spans the compliance spectrum. We go beyond mere checklists, understanding that compliance is integral to fortifying your business’s reputation and maintaining unwavering integrity.

Anti-Money Laundering

AML/CFT Gap Analysis

Examine your business’s alignment with UAE AML legislation and pinpoint areas of potential risk and non-compliance. Our meticulous evaluation identifies gaps in compliance and suggests actionable improvements tailored to your business needs.

KYC Remediation

Implement rigorous Know Your Customer (KYC) processes that evaluate and validate customer credentials, ensuring adherence to international AML standards. We help you refine and optimise your KYC practices for seamless and compliant operations.

Design AML Compliance Framework

We tailor an AML/CFT framework to your company’s core characteristics, creating bespoke AML policies, compliance manuals, and Standard Operating Procedures. Entrust your AML strategies to experts who understand both local and international compliance landscapes.

Customer Due Diligence Programme

Enhance your AML defence with tailored Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) procedures for high-risk customers, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance in every transaction.

Sanctions Screening

Ensure your business remains compliant with critical global standards. Our Sanctions Screening cross-references UAE, UN, OFAC, and other vital lists, providing thorough checks to safeguard against inadvertently dealing with sanctioned entities or individuals.

Train Compliance Department

Empower your compliance team through our interactive workshops and real-life scenario training, ensuring they have the expertise to proficiently manage day-to-day compliance processes and challenges.

AML Compliance External Audit

Validate your compliance with regulatory standards through our detailed auditing of transactions, customer records, and AML controls. We offer insights, observations, and actionable recommendations from our comprehensive AML reviews.

Risk Assessment Questionnaire Assistance

Navigate the complexities of AML compliance with our assistance in risk assessment questionnaires, ensuring that you capture every detail and remain in full compliance with evolving AML standards.

Conduct Entity-Wide Risk Assessment

Understand the unique risks faced by different sectors of your business through our comprehensive risk assessments, examining client, product, geographic, and channel risks to ensure a well-informed compliance strategy.

Outsourced AML Compliance Consultant

Benefit from our expert guidance on Anti-Money Laundering and CFT strategies. We’ll lead your compliance functions, as your outsourced consultant, ensuring adherence to all kinds of regulatory obligations and standards.

Outsourced AML Compliance Function

Delegate your AML compliance responsibilities to AKW, acting as your trusted Money Laundering Reporting Officer. We ensure effective policy implementation, transparent cooperation with authorities, and prompt regulatory reporting.

Inspection Support

Strengthen your AML defence with our thorough on-site inspections, meticulous reporting, and actionable recommendations. From initial assessment to ensuring corrective actions, we are your steadfast ally in ensuring continuous compliance.

Top AML Compliance Consultants in UAE

AKW Consultants holds a specialisation in serving DNFBPs and has been instrumental in aligning the company policies with all regulations pertaining to anti-money laundering and terrorist funding as per the OECD guidelines.

We have been awarded “KYC Guru” in 2020 and “Best Compliance Team” in 2021 for establishing the AML Compliance Framework for the first Cryptocurrency Trading Company set up in the UAE. We are appointed as an approved UAE Good Delivery Auditor for the Gold and Precious Metals sector by DMCC for Responsible Sourcing and Supply Chain.

For the past two years since the introduction of the AML/CFT Law, AKW has prepared compliance manuals, conducted training, and acted as their outsourced ‘AML Compliance Consultants for 200+ companies in the UAE. These include prominent gold refineries and precious metal traders, top UAE real estate companies, crypto trading desks, and virtual asset exchanges spread over Dubai Mainland, DMCC, IFZA, SHAMS, and ADGM.

As the industry’s leading experts, we provide a variety of services that are tailored to the requirements of businesses looking to prevent financial crimes and maintain compliance.

Highly qualified Anti-Money Laundering consultants and AML compliance consultants who have in-depth knowledge of international AML rules and best practices make up our team of committed specialists. Our team of qualified anti-money laundering specialists is ready to help you every step of the way, whether you need assistance with creating and putting into place efficient AML frameworks, conducting exhaustive investigations, or improving your monitoring systems. We work to deliver specialised solutions that solve your unique AML concerns and contribute to the integrity of the financial system with our extensive experience and steadfast dedication to protecting your organisation.

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