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Robust Governance Practices

At AKW Consultants, we recognise that governance forms the bedrock of thriving organisations. We specialise in reinforcing it through meticulous gap analysis services that identify improvement areas. Collaboratively, we establish resilient policies and procedures, acknowledging that governance transcends rules—it’s about charting a sustainable and ethical path for the future.

Challenges Addressed by AKW’s Services

1. Cost of Compliance

As regulatory demands grow, many businesses resort to manual methods which are neither scalable nor efficient. AKW’s governance services transform these processes, offering both efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Business Transparency

Organisations often grapple with a lack of clarity across different business sections. We enhance transparency, ensuring that every unit is informed and aligned.

3. Strategic Alignment

Many entities have a fragmented, reactive stance towards regulatory mandates. AKW ensures a strategic, unified approach, bridging gaps between desparate solutions.

Supporting Guidelines

1. Documentation

Prepare policies and procedures by segment and function.

2. Gap Analysis

Gap analysis review to identify weakness within policies and procedures.

3. Implementation

Assist with implementation of the policies and procedures.

Our Approach


  • Develop corporate governance roadmap
  • Define and agree on framework with key stakeholders
  • Define compliance with DAB Laws and International Best Practices


  • Define committee structure, charters and framework, including mandates and roles and responsibilitites
  • Policy design and framework


  • Charters JDs for the committees and board members
  • Corporate governance manual
  • Code of ethics policy
  • Conflict of interest policy
  • Disclosure and transparency policy
  • Banking confidentiality policy
  • Whistle-blower policy

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