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    Corporate Tax Advisory Services in Dubai

    As corporate tax advisors with a deep understanding of Dubai’s tax laws and regulations, we assist businesses in optimising their tax strategies, minimising tax liabilities, and ensuring compliance. By partnering with our corporate tax experts in Dubai, you ensure a streamlined tax process with maximised incentives. We offer valuable support and advice to help you make informed decisions and achieve your financial objectives while adhering to the complexities of corporate taxation in the UAE.

    AKW Consultants has acted as a liaison between the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and businesses on numerous cases.

    Impact Assessment & Advisory

    We conduct a thorough assessment of your current business model, accounting practices, reporting procedures, and documentation processes.

    Key Services:

    • Assess existing business processes and suggest modifications.

    • Evaluate corporate tax implications for mainland and free zone entities.

    • Identify compliance requirements and beneficial provisions.

    • Provide guidance on organisational structure changes.

    Implementation & Compliance

    We support you in implementing effective tax policies, procedures, and documentation.

    Key Services:

    • Develop and implement tax policies and procedures.

    • Assist in restructuring group entities for tax efficiency.

    • Enhance operational efficiency and compliance.

    • Prepare tax computations, registrations, and filings.


    Empower your management and staff with our tailored corporate tax training programs.

    Key Features:

    • Customised training for management and staff.

    • In-depth understanding of corporate tax regulations and compliance.

    • Practical insights for effective tax management.

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