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Bridging the gap between financial and non-financial performance to create value & drive growth.

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ESG Advisory

It is imperative to close the gap between financial and non-financial performance to create value and drive growth. In this milieu of information technology and communication revolution, businesses are forced into transparency.

To remain relevant and secure their future in this fast-changing world, businesses must rethink and realign their strategies, embed ESG in their functions and integrate SDGs in their values and behaviours. Stakeholders are demanding transparency and accountability.

To stay afloat, businesses need the data to make the right disclosures to the investors, regulators and the public. As things are moving forward, businesses must gradually adapt to functioning in public view and allow this transformation to be driven from the top.

AKW offers a range of solutions within the ESG Advisory service offerings as set out below.


Sustainability Strategy Development

Develop, design and implement sustainability strategy including policies and procedures.

Materiality Assessments

Identify important non-financial matters to be reported in the entity’s operations and beyond its own operations, across the value chain.

Stakeholder Engagement

Map internal and external stakeholders, prioritise critical stakeholders, analyse and engage with them.

Governance, Ethics & Integrity Process Review

Assess the implementation of code of conduct/ethics, review the governance systems and processes and assist in improving the efficacy of governance and ethics function.

Gap Analysis & Sustainability Risk Management

Identify gaps in the ESG processes and management systems and assist in plugging them. Identify, assess and mitigate sustainability risks in the business operations and value chain.

Responsible Investment Advisory

Assist in developing, improving, integrating, introducing and implementing ESG programs in investment decision making. Conduct ESG due diligence to advise on responsible investment.

Reporting & Assurance

Assist in measuring ESG performance and generating the non-financial reports or integrated reports. Provide non-financial assurance in accordance with relevant professional standards.

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