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Specialised services in corporate tax, international tax, transfer pricing, VAT, customs, and excise tax.

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Direct & Indirect Tax Advisory Services in Dubai

Our consultancy firm specialises in providing expert advice on both direct and indirect taxes, tailored specifically for the unique tax landscape of the UAE. We pride ourselves in having a diverse team of experts that specialise in each specific aspect of taxation.

Direct taxes are those paid directly by individuals or organizations to the government. We offer a comprehensive suite of services on corporate tax, international tax, and transfer pricing that ensure compliance and maximization of efficiency in your tax obligations.

On the other hand, indirect taxes are collected by intermediaries in the supply chain and ultimately passed on to consumers. In the UAE, this includes the 5% value-added tax (VAT) on goods and services, as well as excise taxes on harmful products, and customs. Our team excels at reclaiming VAT refunds, customs registrations and de-registrations, excise compliance reviews and more.

Corporate Tax

Impact Assessment & Advisory

• Assess the existing business model, accounting, reporting and documentation processes maintained and suggest modifications.

• Evaluate the impact of corporate tax and highlight the implications to mainland and free zone entities and the likely compliance, applicability of beneficial provisions and deductions and other incentives available including suggestions on changes to organisation structure.

Implementation & Compliance

• Develop policies, procedures, and documentation.

• Assistance with implementing changes to group structure.

• Suggestions on improving operations and compliance by team.

• Preparation of tax computations, tax registrations, formation of tax groups, filing of tax returns, etc.


Provide corporate tax training to management and staff enabling them to be prepared for corporate tax implementation and compliances.

International Tax

Economic Substance Regulations

• ESR Impact Assessment on the basis of review of operations/business related documentation.

• Advisory on ESR and identifying risks areas and suggestions to mitigate risks, compliance and filings as per ESR requirements.

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Identification

• Analysing and studying the structure of the group including their shareholdings, ownership, etc.

• Identify the UBO and the likely tax impact and implications.

• Disclosure and compliance requirements.

Tax Residency Certificate
• Advise on the residency of individual and corporates.

• Apply for TRCs.

Transfer Pricing

Impact Assessment & Advisory

• Conduct impact assessment and highlight the implications and applicability of transfer pricing and the transactions to which transfer pricing will apply.

• Steps to be taken and documentation to be prepared .

Compliances, Documentation & Reporting

• Benchmarking of related party transactions, preparation of transfer pricing study and documentation, reporting and filings as prescribed by the law.

• CbCr reporting, preparation of local file and master file and comply with filing requirements.


• VAT Compliance – preparation, review, and filing returns with the FTA.

• VAT health check, tax due diligence, and tax process audits.

• VAT registration, de-registration, and amendment.

• Reclaiming VAT refund for UAE companies and individuals.

• VAT implementation.

• VAT impact assessment and advisory.

• Assistance in tax audits.

• Designing standard operating procedures and accounting system review.

• Filing reconsiderations and voluntary disclosures with the FTA.


• Customs registration and de-registration.

• Customs advisory.

• Customs compliances.

• Customs transaction review and assessment.

• Customs audit assistance.

• Assistance in customs health check


• Excise registration and de-registration.

• Designated zone and warehouse keeper registration/renewals.

• Excise compliance review.

• Excise tax health check.

• Assistance in excise tax audit.

• Product registration/modification with Brand Sync/FTA.

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