Third-Party Risk Assessment

Mitigate risks effectively with our Third-Party Risk Assessment expertise.

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Third Party Vendors

Safeguard your operations with our comprehensive Third-Party Risk Assessment services. We meticulously evaluate and manage the potential risks associated with external partnerships, ensuring the security and integrity of your business ecosystem. Our expert analysis encompasses vendor relationships, compliance checks, and vulnerability assessments, providing actionable insights to fortify your risk management strategy. Whether it’s data breaches, regulatory compliance, or operational resilience, our assessments are tailored to your industry’s unique challenges. Partner with us to proactively identify and mitigate risks, fostering a secure and resilient environment for sustained business success.


Step 01
Develop Risk Criteria
Step 02
Assess The Third-Party And Its Offerings
Step 03
Classify Third-Parties By Risk Level
Step 04
Querying Your Third-Parties
Step 05
Prepare A Risk Management Plan
Step 06
Regular Monitoring And Annual Assessment

Key Deliverables

  • Process of analysing and controlling risks associated with outsourcing to third-party vendors or service providers.
  • Third-party attack surface monitoring to discover security risks putting the supply chain at risk of compromise.​
  • Vendor Tiering to support the timely remediation of critical security risks.​
  • A library of customisable vendor risk assessments that track compliance against popular standards and frameworks, including NIST 800-53.


Risk Assessment

• Identify Assets​
• Prioritise business area​
• Assess Risks​
• Select security controls​
• Implement controls​
• Risk Management Lifecycle
• NIST & ISO31000 Risk Management

Threat Modelling

• Create an abstraction of the system​
• Profiles of potential attackers, including their goals and methods​
• Catalogue of potential threats that may arise​
• Threat Models – STRIDE & PASTA​
• Follow MITRE framework

Key Deliverables

• Alignment of security and business goals​
• Business Impact Analysis based on risk assessment and threat modelling.​
• Risk register based on ISO 31000​
• Threat model based on MITRE framework​
• Remediation plan for risks and threats

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